Innovation, the catalyst for growth in Wallonia

Competitiveness poles are one of Wallonia's key economic development tools based on public-private partnerships between businesses, universities, research centres, training centres and public authorities. They aim to support innovation, promote the development of collaborative research and development (R & D), investment and training with the aim of business growth and job creation in growth markets.

GreenWin: Accelerating innovation in the environment sector

GreenWin is a catalyst of innovation. It encourages the development of technological projects and partnership, focussing on the three priority domains of green chemistry, sustainable construction and environmental technologies.

Biosourced chemistry, energy storage and management, eco-districts, the management and purification of water and soil and the recycling of wastes are all key domains for the cluster.

By working for the placing on the market of more environmentally efficient technologies , Greenwin's focus on improving the life cycle of products through material and energy savings, recycling and use of renewable resources.

GreenWin: A dynamic network of 185 members with highly ambitious results

Greenwin brings together 185 members, including 145 companies, several of them world leaders, 140 university departments, 15 industrial research centres, 6 training providers and local authorities, all involved in the development of green economy and motivated by the opportunities created by pooling expertise and sharing resources.

In terms of results, the pole also endorses 25 projects, 21 R&D projects and 4 training projects, which have been part-financed by Wallonia for a total budge of over €70 million.

GreenWin: A pole with a global mission

In order to encourage the emergence of new technological partnerships between members of the pole and foreign stakeholders, GreenWin undertakes international prospecting projects. Among the countries which represent an interest for members (Germany, France, Holland, Canada, Brazil....), Germany is a key strategic partner, particularly due to its proximity with Wallonia but above all thanks to the development of its environmental sector. As part of its international strategy, GreenWin seeks to collaborate with counterpart organisations such as clusters, business associations, research centres and incubators active in relative sectors (green chemistry, sustainable construction and environmental technologies). Furthermore, in June the pole will be visiting the ACHEMA show in Frankfurt, with the desire to forge new relationships for its members.

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