• Your market is changing and your clients are evolving. Do you want to stay one step ahead of the game?
  • Does your business have a pebble in its shoe and do you want to take it out?
  • Do you have an idea and want discover an effective method for developing it?
  • Do you have a dream and need the time, expertise and resources to make it happen?

You have opportunities for growth in your hands and the keys to success....and we can play a part with you.

We turn your ideas into tangible business solutions.

xFIVE offers a methodology with proven results among a number of clients. They are ready to share their satisfaction. OurCADMI methodology is effective, pragmatic and focussed on results. CADMI is a five-step process, beginning with the market and ending with the client. CADMI provides practical solutions to dreams, ideas, problems and frustrations. These solutions are pitted against the market using a demonstrator.

We have clients in the following sectors: mechanical engineering, agri-food, polymer materials and distribution services.

This being so, our methodology is extremely flexible and our wide network of partners allows us to work in sectors tackling theoretically unsolvable or complex problems.

CADMI is used equally well for developing products, creating innovative services, improving processes, defining a new way of producing or improving an organisation's operations.

What makes us unique? It's a combination of three things:

1. Our knowledge of powerful tools to guide the choice of designs, supported by expertise that has enabled us to develop dozens of new products and services within companies, many of which have been patented:

  • The materialisation of interconnected problems: what problems do you choose to give even more direction to innovative development;
  • TRIZ - inventive problem solving: transforming the logic of contradiction into strategy and thereby achieving the opposite characteristics;
  • VI- Value Innovation: defining the ecosystem in which the business develops its activity and influences their course of action, involving external stakeholders in developing innovation - external experts, distributors, installers, clients etc.
  • QFD- Quality Function Development: compare competing products according to how they respond to the needs of the market, and choose interesting technological advances.
  • Etc.

2. Our ability to turn ideas into action because we rely on a network of partners and sub-contractors in different technological fields.

3. Our involvement in the success of the project by sharing the risk.



Rue de Lahamaide, 13, B_7890 Ellezelles
Contact : +32 (0) 485/35.96.89

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