Iso Star PVC Alu

Iso Star PVC Alu

Today in 2015, in the Brussels Region: all building permits = Passive project compulsory.

From January 2017, in the Walloon Region, the same regulations will apply. And in 2020, for the whole of Europe, all house building projects must obtain a PASSIVE label.

The Future solution has already been available since 2013 from Iso Star PVC Alu sprl!    

Our new BluEvolution 92mm Type A, 100% recyclable range.

At a time when questions are being asked about our living environment, we have a duty to offer you the best products in terms of economies of scale:

  • Invest in sustainable frames
  • Guarantee your fuel bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Improve your thermal and acoustic comfort

Iso Star PVC offers you the most effective frames on the market, BluEvolution.

- A 92 mm section, the biggest on the market for PVC windows.

- Glazing with a section starting from 60 mm.

- Visible height of 118 mm guaranteeing added solar gain and brightness for this type of frame.

- Significant annual saving of CO2 production.

  • Weighted average calculated CO2 gain = 22050-2.317 Kg/year

- Durability over time and the assurance of a 100% recyclable product. 

  • Your window frames have a life-cycle.

 - A Modern Design and a new generation German quality window.

- Belgian manufacture and know-how as a producer for over 20 years.

Iso Star PVC offers you THE low energy frames that also meet passive standards.


Rue Georges Stephenson 1, 7180 Seneffe
Contact : J.M JOSKIN - +32 475 35 14 77

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