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Find out about the conferences that will be held over the 2 days of the event.


28 March 2017

  • 1pm-6pm: Workshop on the art of fundraising by will talk about different methods of winning over an investor and the best way to present your ideas.  
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  • 14.30 pm - 16.00 pm: Materials & Security

New materials help to improve security in private homes, businesses and public facilities. Experts will be revealing the products and processes that will guarantee our security in the future!

  1. "CRM Group’s expertise contribute to improve road safety" 2017-Metamorphose-Reverse-Metallurgy-US.pdf

  2. "Development of fibre optic and semi-conductor based sensors for risk prevention.”, Professor M. Debliquy, University of Mons.

  3. "ADEKIT: new kit for the detection of asbestos in materials." Aline Lausberg, Business Developer, Symbiose Biomaterials

  4. "Safer composite materials for improved safety", Capucine Guillaume, Project Coordinator at Isomatex, Advanced Fiber Manufacturer

29 March 2017


  • 9.30am-10.30am: Eco-design by Innovatech

ECO-DESIGN IN BUSINESS: Design your product efficiently thanks to eco-design Examples of projects and new approaches to design. Eco-design helps SMEs comply with and anticipate new regulations and significantly reduce production costs whilst also responding to the demands of clients and contractors who are becoming increasingly sensitive to environmental issues.Exciting challenges that encourage innovative new strategies.

Breakfast will be available after this talk.

Organised by: InnovaTech 

  • 10.30 am - 12.30 am: Materials and Energy

Energy management is the most popular area in which new materials can be used. Expand your knowledge and keep on top of developments by finding out about the latest technological advances generated by the creativity of our businesses.

  1. "Photovoltaic steel: focus on the European project LIFE-PhoSter" by CRM Group
  2. "Nanogrids" Dr. Marchal (FORS-HENALLUX), Researcher at the laboratory of Prof. Julien Lecointre
  3. "Walloon industry, a pioneer in the development of cutting edge wood combustion technology", Thomas Duquesne (Stûv - Science & Technology Manager) & Fabrizio Maseri (Materia Nova – Materials for Energy Applications Manager)


  • 14.30 pm - 16.30 pm: Materials and Construction & Recycling

Thanks to technological developments in the recycling sector, innovative materials unashamedly flaunt where they came from: the rubbish dump!  Leading figures in this sector will tell you which came first: the new material or the rubbish! 

  1. "The treatment of metallic waste from SMEs and households: a sector generating value” by CRM Group
  2.  "The aim of the project "Reverse Metallurgy" is to create an internationally recognised platform for industrial, technological and scientific excellence in recycling in Wallonia, creating added value and jobs.” Mr Jacques Pelerin
  3. "The CARMAT project aims to increase the recyclability of steel industry scrap by using the fine fractions, for which there are no outlets or very few, for the manufacture of materials for the construction and public works sector", presentation by the company Recoval
  4. "The SOLARCYCLE projects aims to develop a plant in Wallonia for the recycling and reuse of materials from 1st generation  photovoltaic panels", presentation by the company Recma
  5. "Coatings for high temperature applications", Patrick J. Masset, Thermallium S.P.R.L.
  6. "Recycling in the construction industry: opportunities and limitations", Valérie Pollet, CSTC 


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